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Rose of Jericho

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If you're looking for a houseplant that's definitely out of the ordinary, as well as easy to grow, the resurrection plant (Selaginella lepidophylla) is a great option. This unusual plant is a lycophyte—an ancient class of plants that do not reproduce by flowering and producing seeds. Instead, they reproduce asexually with spores. But that's not all that makes this plant so unique.

Resurrection plant, also called Rose of Jericho, can survive several years without water by drying up and going dormant. The plant appears dead, but provide water, and within a couple of hours it will begin to revive and turn green. Within a day or so, it will be fully unfurled, and "resurrected" into a green, fern-like plant. This remarkable feat, leading to its common name, is a survival mechanism Selaginella lepidophylla developed in the harsh conditions of its native habitat in the Chihuahuan Desert. When water is scarce, resurrection plants dry out and curl their fronds inwards into a ball shape.

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