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Folklore Soy Candle

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Small-batch candles hand-poured in a Canadian studio with hand-blended bespoke fragrances.

burn time approximately 50+ hours

Paraffin-free soy wax, and a lead-free cotton wick. Our candles are vegan, paraben-free, and phthalate-free. Burn time approx. 

Made in Canada 

Apothecary  -Neat wooden drawers and glass bottles, dusty sunlight, and in the window, bundles of drying herbs. 

Hedge-Witch -Wild-woman, cunning-woman, healer, wise-one, shaman, crone; ripe black fig, sun-warmed cedar, and garden-earth

The Storyteller -Sparks from fire and memory: rising woodsmoke in the dark, charred cedar, and glowing amber

Old Gods -The ancient wanderer, hooded and cloaked, among the oak, hazel, ash, and yew; wizened staff, and tendrils of pipe smoke

Fable -A woodland cottage: on the window sill, crisp maple pecan pastries, baked apple, and a splash of warm milk


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